Watcher launched in Denmark in February 2016, and thousands of people downloaded the app in just a few days. Here is what some of our users have to say.

I will sleep a million times better if I know all of my friends have this app!
— Mette
This is perfect for when I move from the countryside to the big city!
— Cecilie
It’s super smart and I’m sure my mom would be happy that I have it!
— Camilla
Now my friends can just follow me on Watcher and they don’t have to stay on the phone with me the whole night!
— Camilla
Great initiative, and not only for people who are coming home from the bars!
— Kady
So there is finally an app for all the girls! Spread the word!
— Atos
This is something exactly for my friend Mette! I will always be her watcher ;)
— Camilla
I just tried the app and it is super smart! So happy for the recommendation.
— Camilla
It’s just a great idea! Now one doesn’t have to be so afraid of walking alone.
— Amanda
Yes! Just biked home safely through the city’s dark and dodgy streets thanks to Watcher ;)
— Maria